Research Information

Short History of Snowmaking (informative) - Invent Snow

Simple Snow Education and Information Series - Simple Snow 1 , Simple Snow 2

Snowmaking Information, Numbers and Facts - Snow Facts

Man Made Snow Density Measurement Procedure - Snow Density

Man Made Snow Quality Chart and Information - Snow Quality

Snowman Newsletters - 10/10, 6/10, 9/09, 6/09 , 07/12 , 04/13

LMS Seminar 2013 The Compleat Snowmaker

Comparative Noise Level Information (quick reference) - Sound

Simple Wet Bulb Calculation Using Temp (F) and RH (%) - WetBulb

Wet Bulb Equations on the Web (Mathematical backround required) Refer to URL's at end of Simple Snow 2

Three Different Methods of Producing Snow (crushed ice flakes and liquid nitrogen) - GeneGlace , PolarSnow , IDEtech

Definitive Source on Snow Crystals (CalTech) - Snow Crystal

"Snowflake" Bentley Site - W.A. Bentley

Snowmaking for Recharge of Water Tables and Water Storage (Moshe Alamaro MIT) - Recharge , WaterStorage

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