Mountain View Technologies, Inc. is pleased to offer the following Snowmaking and Renewable Energy products.

Energenx, Inc. has developed a line of technology products that extend and leverage the life of rechargeable batteries that are commonly used in the ski industry. The typical ski area uses batteries to provide power to a wide variety of devices and once these batteries are unable to be recharged by convention means they are scrapped. A quick review of normal applications is as follows: Trucks, cars, plows, grooming machines, lift auxiliary power units, snowmobiles, golf carts, four wheelers, snow machines, cordless drill power packs and the list goes on...

Why throw these rechargeable batteries away, when with regular charging maintenance the life can be prolonged until the internal components break down. Better yet, it is possible in many instances, to rejuvenate older batteries that will not take a charge or sustain a load and extend their useful service life. This charging method is applicable to all types of common Lead Acid, NiCad and NiMH batteries. Not to be used on Lithium-Ion batteries.

The following Enegenx Charger products are manufactured in the USA and come with a limited one year warranty. The design is based on quality, ruggedness and reliability with a liberal dose of American ingenuity and very solid technology.

1AU Universal Charger $435 + shipping and applicable taxes. This little workhorse will recharge batteries ranging from AAA, AA, C, D sizes, along with a variety of cordless tool power packs up to 24 volts - yes, it will also work on small batteries up to 7AH. 120 VAC power required.

2A-12 Trickle Carger $230 + shipping and applicable taxes. This 2 amps @ 12 volts charger is extremely useful for a quick boost or rejuvenation to small batteries used on power supplies, motor cycles, snow machines and lawn tractors. Can be used on larger batteries for trickle charging. 120 VAC power required.

10A-12 Battery Charger $535 + shipping and applicable taxes. This 10 amps @ 12 volts charger is designed for batteries between 175 to 1000 CCA. Impressive performance for its size - MVT has used this charger to renovate the large deep cycle marine batteries used on chair lifts.120 VAC power required.

24A-12 Battery Charger $1835 + shipping and applicable taxes. This industrial workhorse rated 24 amps @ 12 volts charger will restore medium to large Lead Acid batteries. Fully automatic operation with LED voltage display. 120 VAC power required. 220 VAC 50Hz available.

Golf Cart Charger $1535 + shipping and applicable taxes. This 36/48 volt charger is designed for golf carts and small fork lifts. Rejuvenates the deep cycle batteries normally used in this type of application. Operates on standard 15 amp circuit for 120 VAC. 220 VAC 50Hz available.

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